About Us

The concept of The Owl’s Nest Toy Shop was unknowingly hatched in a small Northeast gaslight waterfront town of cobblestone streets, historic homes and cozy little shops.

There in the mid 90’s the owner of The Owl’s Nest Toy Shop, Sandy Challinor, and her two young children, often visited a thriving little specialty toy shop named The Dragon’s Nest.

Her kids, courtesy of the friendly owner, would spend countless hours wandering through the shop, playing with all the unique toys there (and of course they not infrequently persuaded their Mom to spring for a few!)

Fast forward to 2001 when Sandy, having relocated to Colleyville, Texas with her husband Peter, was contemplating life ‘after the kids go to college’. A new European styled village was being planned for Colleyville, and having previous retail experience she was smitten with the idea of returning to work by opening her own toy shop there.

Sandy set out to develop the friendliest, most whimsical and diverse toy shop she knew how. She quickly built a devoted clientele, helped considerably by her manager Kristn Halfmann, who has many years of retail toy experience. Then in 2005 Sandy expanded the business to Southlake Town Square, Texas.

Sandy says

“In my mind kids are the most important people in the world, and we want to help them celebrate the value of creative play in their development.”

In the hope of encouraging kids to excel in school, The Owl’s Nest rewards with a shiny $2 gift coin any young student who brings in a report card with all passing grades, using the simple equation: “Report Card + Passing Grades = $2 Gift Coin (redeemable in merchandise at The Nest)”

In fact many parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, like to buy ‘Owl’s Nest’ coins as an alternative to paper gift certificates. Nestled in red velvet pouches, they make a fun gift presentation to a child.

We offer complimentary, very classy gift wrapping, a benefit which our customers tell us keeps them coming back, and also really cool personalizing of many of our items by our talented artistic staff.

The Owl’s Nest also has a frequent buyer program and gift registry.

Sandy and Kristn are constantly scouring the markets in search of new and exciting products to keep our selection ever-changing. The Owl’s Nest buys items from the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, China, Thailand, Israel, Sweden and other countries.

We also enjoy discovering new and intriguing products from local Texas entrepreneurs to add even more spice to the ever-expanding line-up at The Owl’s Nest Toy Shop.